Welcome to SpiritAlliance Consulting

We are a consulting firm that specializes in providing employment solutions for freelancers and contractors and  because we pride ourselves in making sure that our clients keep working at all time.

We also providing a free job search portal for our clients.  We have now also team up with a mortgage specialist broker company called Contractor Mortgages Made Easy, to offer mortgages to our clients based on their contractor earnings. Call us to find out what your options are, and which of our services can be of  most help to you. We value and appreciate our customers greatly.


IT Services - 16 years
Accounting - 12 years
Consulting - 10 years
Umbrella Service - 7 years

Who we are

SpiritAlliance Consulting is a leading provider of accountancy services, tax advice and support services for contractors, freelancers and the self-employed.

The business was first set up in 2006 and was originally called SpiritAlliance Incorporated LLP, and originally dealt in car sales and freelance training. However the name was changed to SpiritAlliance Consulting on 2010.

The company has since diversified into providing umbrella and contractor mortgages services mainly for freelance contractors and has grown from strength to strength in the last 3 years and continues to grow.

Our objective is to become one of the largest contractor, freelancer accountancy in the UK. We recognise our responsibility to our clients and are consistently praised for the work we do. To see what our existing clients have to say about us read their testimonials.

We focus on our clients’ needs. This helps support our reputation for being a straight talking, human company with an emphasis on people culture. Our way of working reflects the business we are in, enabling us to tailor our services to the demands of our clients.

What We Do

We provide project management service in addition to accountancy services to contractors and freelancers and aim to legally maximise your take home pay and minimise your need to fill in forms.

We offer an umbrella company service, limited company accounting, sole trader accounting and free personal tax planning for existing clients. We understand that running a business can prove stressful.

Here at SpiritAlliance Consulting we can help to make life a lot easier by removing the worry and taking on those very tasks that can sometimes make the decision of going it alone a difficult one. Our aim is to give you more leisure time by reducing burdens such as administration.

In May 2013 we teamed up with specialist contractor mortgage broker Contractor Mortgages Made Easy (CMME) to offer mortgages based on your contract earnings.

In the past clients have told us of their disappointment when they have approached their bank or a lender direct for mortgage funding. This is often down to the lender not understanding how contractors are paid and not realising that contractors are often a lower risk compared to many permanent employees.

CMME have agreed bespoke underwriting with many High Street lenders allowing contractors to borrow based on their full contract earnings.

Why Choose Us

Choosing SpiritAlliance Consulting means that you are guaranteed to speak to real people (not automated messages), who will acknowledge your requirements, always take your calls and provide you with prompt and professional advice. We also will help your company meet their training needs.

Rest assured that the service you receive will be of high quality and from a well respected firm. Just read what our clients have to say.

We provide thousands of contractors and freelancers with safe, legal ways to take home as much money as possible. To do this, we offer 3 business options; umbrella company, limited company accounting and sole trader accounting. The majority of our business comes directly from referrals, which is proof that our existing clients are happy.

We help our clients in a variety of ways
We save you money!
We save you time!
We remove the hassle of administration
We provide our clients with safe, legal advice
We provide a professional service from qualified consultants

Here at SpiritAlliance Consulting, we aim to build relationships with our clients – you are not just a number! We do not operate through call centres which means you will always speak to specialists who know the industry and can give you professional advice.

In turn, you will know who you are talking to and ultimately who you are trusting with your accounts.

Happy Clients
Successful Cases



Deliver a tailored, personalized service to suit your needs.


Treat you with respect
Deal with your questions with honesty


Keep you informed every step of the way
Provide excellent customer service


Conduct our business with integrity, skill, care and diligence, achieving excellence through understanding and knowledge.