Working for SpiritAlliance Consulting

Working for SpiritAlliance Consulting is different to working elsewhere. We strive for perfection in everything we do. Excellence is our goal. We understand that everything we do affects our clients and so SpiritAlliance Consulting is committed to its staff’s continued personal development.

Our culture and way of working reflects the business we are in and so do our people.

We are:

  • Innovative
  • Team orientated
  • Performance driven

Our Fees

Setting up and closing down is FREE of charge!
  • If you decide that SpiritAlliance Consulting is the right choice for you, we will help you set up your company and business bank account completely free of charge.
  • Did you know it is normal to expect to pay from £100 to £200 to form a limited company elsewhere!
  • If your circumstances change and you no longer require your company, we will close your company down completely free of charge!

SpiritAlliance Consulting offer an array of services. For further information about our services, see Limited Company, Sole Trader, Umbrella Company and Personal Tax. Our advisors will provide you with all of your options, allowing you to make an informed decision.

We are confident in our ability to dramatically increase your take home pay.

Even once our fees have been deducted, you will probably be taking home more money than you are currently. We charge a standard monthly fee and also offer a fee holiday.

To join our umbrella company our standard fee is £25 per week, with no joining or leaving fee and no tie in period.

Our standard fee for sole traders is £400 per annum + £200 for VAT returns.

For more information email us at